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Frequently asked questions about MAP and EAP

The UFT Member Assistance Program created this FAQ to clarify its services following the Mayor's Office announcement on Feb. 21, 2020, that DOE employees will now have access to the city's Employee Assistance Program.

What is the Member Assistance Program (MAP)?

The Member Assistance Program is a union-based program providing free, confidential and voluntary counseling to all in-service UFT members. These services are provided by licensed mental health professionals. MAP supports its members through personal and work-related challenges and can assist members with navigating union resources and supports, providing easy access to its wide-ranging services.

What is the NYC Employee Assistance Program (NYC EAP)?

The NYC Employee Assistance Program delivers comprehensive services to all DOE employees and their families, effective Feb. 21, 2020, to help overcome problems that affect quality of life and interfere with effectiveness on the job. Services are free, confidential, voluntary and are delivered by a fully credentialed staff of licensed mental health providers.

Who does MAP serve?

All in-service UFT members.

Who does the NYC Employee Assistance Program serve?

All DOE employees and their families.

What services does MAP provide?

  • Confidential and voluntary clinical consultation assessments.
  • Individual clinical consultation assessments.
  • Various support groups (for in-service members and retirees)
    • Grief and loss: Members come together to share in their bereavement and how it impacts their work life as an educator.
    • Caregivers: Members share resources and ideas of how to care for a loved one while managing the demands of a school workday.
    • Art therapy: Designed specifically for new educators, this group allows members to express themselves creatively while networking with other new colleagues.
    • LGBTQ+-: This groups provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues who may be experiencing challenges and share strategies and information.
  • New educators initiative: Collaborating with other union departments in offering information and well-being support through:
    • Partners Through Experience program: a voluntary program that pairs a new teacher with a recent retiree for support.
    • Classroom Café podcast: Mental health professionals and educators share information in areas such as creating welcoming schools, classroom management, nutrition and other relevant school related topics.
  • A state provider for continuing education credits to social workers and licensed mental health counselors. As a union member, you have firsthand access to an array of clinical courses (discounted fee-based and free) to help enhance your work with students.
  • Conferences for adult staff and students related to substance use disorders and topics related to mental health.
  • On-staff psychiatrist available within 24–48 hours for consultation and assessment; free and can be seen up to three times a year.
  • Onsite counseling in a school crisis in conjunction with the Victim Support Program.
  • Referrals for:
    • mental health counseling
    • substance use treatment: assessment, referral and pre-authorization for insurance approval.
    • Access to union-based legal services plan.
    • Access to union-offered student debt program for help with student loans.

What services does the NYC Employee Assistance Program provide?

  • Comprehensive mental services to all DOE employees and/or their families
  • Confidential interviews to employees and/or their families.
  • Referrals to substance use treatment centers and other mental health agencies.
  • Assistance in finding financial and housing supports.
  • Worksite visits to support employees who have been affected by a traumatic loss or event at work.

Where is MAP located?

50 Broadway, 9th Floor, Suite 904 New York, NY, 10004

Where is the NYC Employee Assistance Program located?

22 Cortlandt St. New York, NY, 10007

How do I contact MAP?

By phone at 212-701-9620 or by email at

How do I contact the NYC Employee Assistance Program?

By phone at 212-306-7660 or by email at