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Victim Support Program

The Victim Support Program, co-sponsored by the UFT’s school safety division and the DOE, provides psychological support and practical assistance for staff members who are victims of workplace violence. The program offers victim outreach, psychological counseling and crisis intervention. All services are free and completely confidential. For further information, call the Victim Support Program hotline at 212-598-6853.

Victim outreach

When we receive an incident report, we follow up with a phone call from one of our staff and go over practical information regarding DOE procedures, forms and requirements as well as procedures of the criminal justice system. We can also provide staff to accompany members to the DOE’s Medical Bureau and to the courts.

Psychological counseling

We offer support for individuals and entire staffs. In the aftermath of serious incidents, victims often feel substantial distress. This may include specific psychological difficulties such as emotional stress, sleep disturbance, heightened feelings of vulnerability and other problems. While these reactions commonly occur and are considered “normal” responses to these kinds of violating events, they often cause intense disruption and concern. The Victim Support Program offers short-term counseling to those who require or request such assistance in the aftermath of incidents.

Crisis intervention

We also provide on-site crisis intervention following major incidents. This includes psychological counseling for staff to help them deal with “ripple effect” trauma.

Download the Victim Support Program brochure »

*See also the UFT's Member Assistance Program for related services.