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Injury in the line of duty

Pedagogues – teachers, guidance counselors, school secretaries, psychologists, social workers and lab specialists – injured or made sick on the job are covered by the Injury-in-the-Line-of-Duty provision of the UFT-DOE contract. See new updates to these policies with the ratification of the 2023 contract. 

Under this provision, injured or sick pedagogues may apply for important benefits including paid time-off from work to recover and reimbursement of medical expenses.

  • Medical
    If you are injured in the line of duty, your health plan covers your medical care. In addition, the UFT convinced the DOE to waive its normal $750 limit on un-reimbursed medical expenses on a case-by-case basis for those who are assaulted while on duty in an unprovoked attack by a student, parent or stranger. The form used to request reimbursement as a result of an assault is an OP 505.
  • Financial
    Until the DOE grants line-of-duty status, days absent come out of your sick bank (CAR). These days will be restored once you are granted line-of-duty status and your pay will continue as usual. If you have to miss work to appear in court, the days will not come out of your sick bank – as long as you file the appropriate paperwork.

In addition, in the event of an assault the union’s legal services department will notify you in writing of your legal rights and assist you in pressing criminal charges, including representation in court. If you suspect that your school was in some way culpable, your UFT borough office or the Victim Support Program will also arrange a free consultation with an outside attorney.

Victims of assault or similar incidents can also contact the Victim Support Program at 212-598-6853 for other support services, including practical advice, counseling, and assistance with the police, the judicial system, and the DOE’s medical division.

How to access Injury-in-the-Line-of-Duty benefits

In order to access your rights and benefits under the Injury-in-the-Line-of-Duty provision of the UFT-DOE contract, you must follow certain procedures. With the ratification of the 2023 DOE-UFT contract, an OP200 form is no longer required for LODI applicants. 

  1. Unless your injury or illness prevents you, immediately notify your chapter leader and principal of any accident or other incident. All accidents should be reported – even if the injury is not obvious or is seemingly inconsequential.
  2. Complete the DOE's Comprehensive Injury Report (your school secretary will have it) and return it to your principal within 24 hours.
  3. See a doctor as soon as possible. Get a note from your doctor describing the extent of your injury and the anticipated time you will need to recover.
  4. Leaves for line-of-duty injuries must now be requested via the Department of Education's Self-Service Online Leave of Absence System (SOLAS). SOLAS replaces the old forms, OP 198 and OP 407. You should request line-of-duty-injury status (LODI) from the day of your first absence to the last date of your absence.
  5. If you have been the victim of an assault, you should file a police report at the nearest precinct as soon as possible and seek medical attention if you are injured.
  6. Complete a UFT Incident Report online as soon as possible and inform your Chapter Leader. You may call the UFT Safety and Health Department directly at 1-212-598-6853 to check on the status of your case.
  7. If you intend to sue the DOE, contact your UFT Borough Office as soon as possible. The borough office can refer you to an attorney. Keep in mind that an Intent-to-Sue/Notice of Claim legal referral form must be filed by you or an attorney within 90 calendar days of the date of your accident or illness.

In some cases, the superintendent or the DOE's Medical Bureau will refuse to grant line-of-duty status and it may be necessary to file a grievance or file for medical arbitration, respectively. Please contact your UFT district representative or UFT borough office in either case. Learn what to do if your LODI is medically denied.


Resources and forms

Please note: With the ratification of the 2023 DOE-UFT contract, an OP200 form is no longer required for LODI applicants.

Contract articles

Should you have the misfortune of being assaulted, injured, or made ill while on duty, the rights you gain through our contract offer you protection and strong support.