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Using the Chapter Leader Update to expand your chapter newsletter

You can convert the weekly Chapter Leader Update email into a substantial, personalized newsletter for your members in just a few steps:

  • Click “Forward” at the top of the email.
  • When the forwarded e-mail opens up, type in above the Update your own paragraph or two (meeting reminders, notes on consultation committee meetings, special event announcements, etc.). Give your newsletter a name, like The P.S. 100 UFT Bulletin.
  • Delete the text in the subject line and type in the title of your newsletter instead.
  • Copy and paste your members’ email addresses into the “To” box, click “Send,” and you’re done.

An alternative to forwarding your emailed update is to go to the copy of the Update posted in the Chapter Leader section, highlight and copy it, and paste it into a new email. (Highlight by clicking and dragging your cursor over the text. Don’t “Select All” or you’ll also copy material from the sides of the webpage that you don’t want.)

Anything not intended for your members, such as an item just for chapter leaders asking them to speak to their principals, you can simply delete before you click Send.

Also, almost any email program will allow you to create a group list of your members, give it a title, such as MyMembers, and then you can type the title in the “To” box instead of needing to type or copy and paste each email address each time you send out your newsletter.

Your members will get timely news, and you will earn appreciation for sending out a comprehensive newsletter every week. If you have any questions about these instructions, you can call Sarah Herman in UFT Web Communications at 212-598-7789.