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Longevity salary increases

Green hexagon with outline of graph showing increases

Longevity increases are additional compensation offered for service to NYC public schools specifically, rather than professional experience in general. Regularly appointed teachers are eligible, as are some pedagogues and administrative workers (who should refer to their contracts for more information). After Step 8B, longevity increases are listed for five, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, and 22 years of service in the New York City public schools. The increase is issued when an individual completes the indicated number of years. Employees become eligible for longevity payments on the employee’s longevity eligibility date. The salary increase for longevity should be reflected in the payroll check generated for the pay period following the employee’s eligibility date. A longevity increase becomes part of the teacher’s base salary and is immediately pensionable.

Service in the calculation of longevity time includes:

  • Regular appointed full time service
  • Regular substitute service
  • Recertified service
  • Annualized service under a Certificate of Competency (with a basic license)
  • Per diem service (85 days =1 term)
  • Salary credit or outside experience if granted prior to April 12, 1971

The following types of service are not included in calculating longevity credits even though they are included in the calculation of seniority lists:

  • Layoff time
  • Service as a paraprofessional
  • Service on a per session basis
  • Inactive time for which no seniority credit is granted
  • Veteran’s credit
  • Blind disability credit
  • Service with a Certificate of Competency without a basic license