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Priscilla Castro

Priscilla Castro
Paraprofessionals Chapter Chair

Dear Colleagues,

We are very proud to be the fastest growing chapter in the UFT. Several years ago, we had 19,841 paraprofessionals. Now we are more than 25,000 strong.

Our ranks are growing because of the important role that paraprofessionals play in ensuring the needs of all students in our schools are met.

The UFT works hard to support the work you do in schools and in your professional development. It is because of our union that we have a voice in the workplace not only to strengthen our own positions but to make sure our schools and students get the support they need.

On our pages in the Paraprofessionals Chapter section of this website, you will find links to chapter news, events, and a wealth of resources to help meet your needs and answer your questions.

Please make sure to sign up on the website so that you don’t miss important emails from me or from our union.

I am available to answer your questions by email at

Thank you for your support.


Priscilla Castro
Paraprofessionals Chapter Chair

What's New

Paras get Teacher’s Choice money

After years of advocacy by the UFT, paraprofessionals will be included in the Teacher’s Choice program for the first time this school year.

Better tool to assure special ed compliance

The new contract establishes school-based Special Education Committees and annual training of all staff on special education rules and regulations. Vice President for Special Education MaryJo Ginese writes that these new rights will empower members...

Success depends on community

That success depends on your community is something I only truly understood after my first year of teaching. When I was a para, I was committed to supporting my students and my teachers. When I first became a teacher, I forgot that I needed to ask...

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