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Getting started as a chapter leader

The role and responsibilities of a chapter leader

The role of the chapter leader can be summed up in one word — LEADERSHIP. Your colleagues elected you because they know you will provide leadership. Chapter members view you as the "union." They know you are the vital link that connects them to UFT's leadership and that you represent them at the Delegate Assembly. But remember you're part of a UFT team that includes other chapter leaders, your district representative, or representatives in your borough office. They may have solutions to some of the problems you're facing.

The role and responsibility of a UFT consultation committee

You are most effective as a chapter leader when you have the support and input of your colleagues. That’s why it is imperative that you establish a UFT consultation committee at your school and that this committee meets regularly.

Involving and communicating with your membership

The secret of running a good chapter is plenty of participation. Your members need it.

Holding chapter meetings

Perhaps the most powerful and dynamic way of two-way communication with a chapter — and also one of the most difficult to perform — is through regularly scheduled chapter meetings. This guide offers you tips on how to run an effective chapter meeting.

Chapter elections

See our chart of vote percentages required for various referenda.