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Special education teacher certification resources

New York City schools are required to adhere to state certification requirements. If you work in special education, you know that certification requirements are complicated and frequently change.

The NYSUT Fact Sheet below begins with a succinct explanation of the history of special education certification in New York State.  More importantly, it contains information that every special education teacher should know about special education certification requirements. The chart explaining what certificate is required to serve at specific levels and in specific special education programs is particularly important.

NYSUT Fact Sheet 20-10 - NYS Certification: Students with Disabilities

Special Education Teacher Certification Options

History and Rationale for Change in Certification Requirements for Teachers of Special Classes in Grades 7 -12 (also see related item)

Special Education Teaching Assignments and Certification

Statement of Continued Eligibility (SOCE) for Teachers of Students with Disabilities Who Teach a Special Class in Grades 7 -12

Limited Extension to Teach a Subject in a Special Class Grades 7-12

Subject Area Extension in Grades 5-9 and 7-12 for Special Education Teachers

Students with Disabilities Generalist Grade Level Extensions

Special Education Licensing Side Letter (Probationary period for teachers working under non-special education license who also hold a Students with Disabilities Certificate)

Incidental Teaching