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Location of services

SETSS can be provided in the classroom or in a separate location. In selecting the location of service, it is important to consider whether the service being recommended is a SETSS direct consultant teacher service or a SETSS resource room service.

SETSS direct consultant teacher services must be provided in the classroom as they are services provided to an individual student or a small group of students with disabilities to adapt the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction to support the student to successfully participate and progress in the general curriculum during regular instruction so that he or she can meet the educational standards that apply to all students. Consultant teacher services are provided simultaneously with general education content area instruction.

SETSS resource room services, on the other hand, are individual or small group supplementary instruction that cannot otherwise be provided during the student's regular instructional time.  As examples, SETSS resource room services might be recommended for students who need specialized supplementary instruction in organization skills, foundational reading or math skills, the use of an assistive technology device, the use of Braille, or the use of a compensatory strategy. Specially designed reading instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics or fluency, for example, would typically be delivered in a separate location because the ability of the student and teacher to hear each other is crucial to the effectiveness of the instruction. Instruction in vocabulary, comprehension, or organizational skills may be more appropriately delivered in the classroom setting.