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Carbon Free and Heathly Schools Hero

Carbon Free and Healthy Schools

We can install solar panels on the roof of every New York City public school!

The UFT is part of the Carbon-Free and Healthy Schools Initiative, a coalition of unions in New York City that are working together to win federal funds to make our city's schools clean and green.

Join us in the campaign to convert all New York City schools to cleaner, cheaper solar energy.

We’re urging federal and local lawmakers to fund rooftop solar panels and other energy-efficient upgrades for city schools.

The Pledge

As a community member, I care about New York City's children and its future. As the City begins to Build Back Better, it is time to invest in our schools and fight back against climate change. I support the Carbon Free and Healthy Schools initiative, which will simultaneously take on climate change, make school facilities healthier for students and the school community, create good union jobs, and save millions in energy costs.

Along with the leaders and supporters of this campaign, I believe that:

  • Schools should be healthy and safe for students, staff, and the community.
  • Schools should be a model for carbon free buildings with optimal energy efficiencies.
  • Schools most in need of investment should be prioritized, including those with the most antiquated heating and cooling systems — particularly in Black and Brown communities that have been historically underserved and poorly maintained.
  • Schools should utilize rooftops to generate their own solar power.
  • Schools should reinvest the cost-savings from their own solar power into ongoing maintenance of the buildings and classroom instruction.
  • Retrofitting schools for energy efficiency and solar power must create good union jobs for New York City communities.
  • Federal lawmakers should fund energy audits on all New York City public schools and provide low-cost financing for retrofits as part of its investments in infrastructure.
  • Local lawmakers should commit to fully implementing the funding already allocated for energy-efficiency retrofits and solar panels on schools.
  • New York City should lead the way to create Carbon Free and Healthy Schools and green infrastructure to tackle the climate crisis.