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Attendance Teachers

Steve Grossman - headshot

Steve Grossman
Attendance Teachers

Attendance teachers are responsible for making sure individual students attend school and informing the school of any emerging attendance trends or issues. They work with parents, schools and city agencies to find solutions to a child’s attendance problem.

Chapter Representatives

Chapter Leader

Alternate Chapter Leaders

  • Lilian Baron
  • Daisy Rodriguez

Delegate Assembly delegates

  • Lilian Baron
  • Charles Dickens III
  • Taj Graham
  • Marion Marcovitz
  • Daisy Rodriguez

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What's New

UFT functional chapters

Functional chapters are so named because what unites these student-support professionals is their function rather than a worksite or a school. The chapters were formed to allow these UFT members with common issues and concerns to have a voice.

Holding history in their hands

This Brooklyn teacher uses immersive, engaging lessons and storytelling techniques to bring the past to life for his middle school students.

2021 Attendance Teacher Chapter elections

The following email was sent to all attendance teachers from UFT Elections Coordinator Yasmin Colon on Thursday, March 18.