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New York City Art Teachers Association

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NYCATA/UFT is the standing professional committee of the UFT representing art educators in New York City. Membership is free and open to all NYC art educators, art coordinators, art supervisors, art specialists, university and museum educators, school administrators, classroom teachers, retirees, college students and any other individuals whose purposes are consistent with those of the Association. Members are entitled to most privileges of NYCATA/UFT (voting and the right to hold executive office is limited to UFT members and retirees).

NYCATA/UFT holds regular meetings and workshops at the UFT Manhattan office. Visit our website to see our current programs and calendar of events and to learn more about participating with our professional committee. 

Are you interested in serving on our board or one of our committees? Please reach us at


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NYCATA website

NYCATA/UFT mission statement

To encourage and support art educators in their profession and to advocate for quality art programs at all levels of education and in our communities.

We accomplish this by:

  • Keeping abreast of policies and legislation that effect our field, disseminating information about them and responding to them in writing to appropriate policy-makers;
  • Sponsoring activities and events that highlight the work of art students and art educators and the process and content of art education.
  • Informing our colleagues, school communities and legislators of our philosophy, purpose and activities by disseminating our materials at our conference, the UFT Spring Conference and new teacher citywide meetings and by exhibiting student art work in a variety of public settings.
  • Participating in citywide and state-wide organizations that provide opportunities for recognition of our student artists and artist/teachers, develop policies that affect art education, advocate for the goals of art education and provide and develop resources for art educators.
  • Collaborating with other organizations that share our concerns to develop a strong political voice, provide increased opportunities for art educators and students, and raise awareness in our society about art education resources and the critical need for art education for all students.
  • Provide professional development for art educators by sponsoring meetings, conferences, retreats and trips that meet the professional needs of our members and a forum for them to network and socialize with each other.
  • Recognize outstanding art students, art educators, and artist-teachers by sponsoring annual NYCATA/UFT Student Art Awards, student art exhibitions, artist-teacher exhibitions and receptions and awards ceremonies. We also recognize outstanding art educators, administrators and advocates to raise awareness of outstanding school art programs.