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Science Committee

Green hexagon with symbol of atom representing UFT Science Committee

The UFT's Science Committee provides a space for New York City public school science teachers to socialize, network and exchange ideas. Our members include science teachers from all disciplines and grade levels -- in elementary, middle, and high schools -- as well as lab specialists. Pre-service teachers and well-behaved students are also welcome to join us for meetings and other events and activities.

The committee holds regular monthly meetings in conjunction with the Chemistry Teachers Club of New York, the Physics Club, the American Chemical Society - High School Teachers Topical Group, and Columbia University professors and graduate students. We typically host speakers at these meetings -- with past speakers drawn from prestigious universities like Columbia University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and New York University; from the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency; and from among our own members.

In lieu of a regular meeting in April, we host our annual "Demo Derby," a great event to which all of our members bring science demonstrations they have used in their classrooms. These have included everything from a device that creates super-heated steam, so hot that it will burn paper like a fire, to myriad physics experiments that demonstrate the power of gravity. Come see what your colleagues are doing in their classrooms -- and learn a trick or two from them! (We also hold the occasional demo before our other meetings).

We also participate in the Science Council of New York City (SCONYC) and, with the Outdoor Environmental Educators Committee, co-sponsor an annual science-themed conference in the spring.

For more information about the Science Committee, please write to or complete the membership enrollment form.

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