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Licensing, Payment and Regulations


  • How to obtain a license
    Obtaining a home child care license is easier than you might think, especially if you follow these simple directions.
  • How to renew a license
    What you need to know to complete your renewal application for Family Child Care and Group Family Child Care.


Record Keeping and Taxes

  • Tax credit help
    In a time of instability and incredible economic pressures, tax credits can help eligible families make ends meet. Find out more about federal and state tax credits.
  • Tax guide for providers
    Tax season can be a real pain. That is why we are lucky to have a helpful tax guide for providers from our friends at South Brooklyn Legal Services.


  • DOH protocol
    The following protocol is meant to assist you in your communication with the Department of Health (DOH).
  • Know your regs
    Have you ever had a Department of Health inspector come to your day care and write you up for a violation? Thought you were in compliance with all of the regulations only to be surprised you had missed something? Wished you had known the ins and outs of the DOH inspector’s checklist?