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VP for Non-DOE Members

Anne Goldman

Anne Goldman

Anne Goldman is the UFT’s vice president for non-DOE members. Anne has a bachelor's degree of science in nursing as well as an RN license from New York State.

Anne’s acumen in advocacy and organizing, together with her diverse background in trade unionism, makes her especially qualified to represent the more than 45,000 UFT members who do not work for the New York City public schools.

A registered professional nurse who has practiced in a variety of specialties, Anne was an early leader in the movement to win collective-bargaining rights for nurses in New York City. She brought the registered nurses from Lutheran Medical Center into the United Federation of Nurses in 1979 and has since served as the special representative for the Federation of Nurses/UFT. She has built the chapter to include more than 4,000 members in New York City and 16,000 in New York State. The nurses’ federation recently played an instrumental role in bringing 35,000 additional registered nurses into the national union. 

Anne also serves as the Assistant to the UFT President for charter schools. In that role, she oversees negotiations, labor relations and legislative activities for developing excellence and supporting student achievement in charter schools. In addition, as Assistant to the President for UFT child care providers, Anne works on labor relations, negotiations and policy issues for that chapter. Anne is also the liaison between private-sector health care providers and educators working together through Community Learning Schools, an initiative to improve students’ achievement by meeting their health, social and academic needs. 

Anne is a leading policy voice on a broad spectrum of nursing and education issues, from recruitment and retention to staffing levels to the development of appropriate curricula for high school and college students aiming to become health care professionals. She is a sought-after expert who also continues to conduct research, process grievances, negotiate contracts, lobby and serve as a mentor for health care professionals. She is well known for her dedication to ensuring that new nurses have a smooth transition from the nursing school system into the workforce.

Additionally, Anne is currently the chairperson of the New York State United Teachers Health Care Professional Council, a member of the AFT Program and Policy Council, a trustee of the Taft-Hartley Health Care Benefit Fund for private-sector members, a UFT Executive Board member and a state and national delegate for the AFT.