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The amount of your paycheck depends on:

  • The salary schedule that the union and the city negotiate in the contract
  • Years of approved prior teaching experience outside the New York City Department of Education and in some situations for related non-teaching experience
  • How long you have been teaching in the New York City Department of Education
  • Credits and degrees you earn beyond your bachelor’s degree

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Salary Calculator

Your salary is calculated based on your job title, the number of credits and degrees you've earned and how much experience you have. 

The UFT salary schedule allows you to earn more money — thousands of dollars more each year — as you spend more time on the job (in what are called steps) and as you earn more education credits (in what are called differentials).

Newly appointed teachers automatically get pay increases based on steps with continuous service up to Step 8B (for regular substitutes, up to Step 4A). 

Newly appointed teachers and non-appointed regular substitute teachers must apply for pay increases based on differentials. See this helpful chart.

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Salary schedules

See the complete schedule for your bargaining unit.

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Longevity increases

Find out about salary increases you'll earn based on your years of experience in the public school system.

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Salary steps

Find out about salary increases you'll earn based on your professional experience.

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Salary differentials

Find out about salary increases you'll earn based on academic credits you acquire.

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Per diem service

Find out about the pay for educators serving on a day-to-day basis, including substitute teachers.

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Per session

Find out about additional salary you can earn for activities outside the regular school day.

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UFT dues

Find out about the union dues deducted from your paycheck to pay for union benefits and services.

Help from the UFT

If you have questions about salary, please call the union and ask to speak to a salary representative.

The UFT and the DOE on Feb. 22, 2021, reopened the process for grievances concerning salary and leaves. UFT members wishing to file a salary grievance should call the union at 212-331-6311 and ask to speak to a salary representative in their borough office.