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Larceny & Theft Prevention Tips

Take these simple preventative measures to safeguard your personal property at school:

Carrying Valuables Safely

Handbags should be closed, carried in front of the body with an arm held loosely across. If wearing a handbag with a strap over the head, choose a thin strap, and wear it under your coat. Many women find they don’t need to carry a handbag all the time. Place essentials (keys, a small amount of cash, an I.D.) in a pocket. Since your address is usually on a card or document in your bag, avoid carrying your house keys in the same place. Make sure the clasp or zipper on your bag is closed, especially in crowds. If you must carry a large amount of cash or valuable items, do not carry them in your handbag or wallet. Carry valuables in an inside pocket.

Minimize What Can Be Lost

  • Carry only what you actually need.
  • Carry only small amounts of cash.
  • Carry only the credit cards you actually plan to use.
  • Leave expensive jewelry at home.
  • Try not to carry anything that is irreplaceable or of sentimental value.

What Thieves Look For

  • Items left in cars, grocery carts, dressing rooms or desks.
  • Wallets and checkbooks that protrude from pockets.
  • The noise and confusion of crowds to help conceal their crimes.
  • Distraction: Pickpockets often work in teams; one might bump, shove, drop something, or ask you a question, while another steals wallets from pockets or handbags.

See also these larceny prevention tips from the NYPD's school safety division and the DOE's guide to "Securing School Equipment."