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School safety violations and complaints

Under Article 10B of the UFT-DOE contract, you have the right to file a safety complaint over violations of the school safety plan.

Procedures and Forms for Filing Safety Complaints

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Phase I (Informal)

If you believe your school's safety plan has been violated, the first step is to alert your chapter leader. You and/or your chapter leader should attempt to informally resolve the issue with your principal.

It is crucial that notes of this meeting are taken using the UFT's recording form. Notes should be detailed and reflect both the safety issue and the principal’s response.

File a meeting report

Phase II (Formal)

If the complaint is not resolved informally, the chapter leader should complete the Step 1 Safety Complaint Form for violation of the school safety plan. A copy of this complaint form will automatically be emailed to the district representative. A meeting should be scheduled by the principal to formally address the issue. If the Step 1 safety complaint is not addressed by the principal within 24 hours, the chapter leader should request a written response from the principal.

File a Step 1 safety complaint