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District 75

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our UFT District 75 (citywide special education) webpage. Here you will find the latest information about our union and our district. The purpose of this webpage is to provide our members access to information that is relevant to their work with students with special needs. In addition, anyone with an interest in our district or special education may find it useful.

In our district our members believe that “all children can learn.” Our work is challenging, but purposeful.  With safe and supported classrooms, our members can help all of our students realize their potential. We are here to make this happen by ensuring that your contractual rights are protected.

If there is anything that we can do for you, feel free to reach our office by calling 212-598-7708 or contact me at We have staff on hand ready to answer your questions on almost everything related to District 75!

At Your Service,

David Doorga
District 75 Representative

District 75 chapter leaders wear pink to honor breast cancer survivors

A collection of screenshots of chapter leaders' zoom screens, in which all chapter leaders are wearing pink, set against a graphic backdrop with a pink ribbon and text reading "District 75 Pinktober: Wearing pink in acknowledgement of breast cancer awareness."

District 75 Representative David Doorga (top) and District 75's chapter leaders don pink at their Oct. 28 chapter leader meeting to acknowledge those affected by breast cancer. 

What's New

District 75: Information about parental leave during the Chapter 683 Summer Program

If you have worked the Chapter 683 program for the past two years, we want to make you aware of an agreement regarding paid parental leave for those of you who are having a child, adopting a child or caring for a new foster child during or...

UFT functional chapters

Functional chapters are so named because what unites these student-support professionals is their function rather than a worksite or a school. The chapters were formed to allow these UFT members with common issues and concerns to have a voice.

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