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About the Teachers Assigned Chapter

Teachers Assigned are Department of Education employees covered by the UFT teachers contract who serves in jobs within programs in a district, region or the central DOE. A Teacher Assigned typically serves students and staff in several school organizations if not the entire public school system.

Article Eleven of the teachers' contract defines the working conditions that are specific to members of the Teachers Assigned chapter.

Every Teacher Assigned falls into one of two categories, "A" or "B":

A Teacher Assigned "A" usually spends much of his or her time in schools with staff and students. Therefore, the work year parallels that of a school-based teacher.

A Teacher Assigned "B" usually spends much of his or her time managing, writing or overseeing a program and does not spend a predominant amount of time in schools or with students. The work year is a 12-month period (September 1 through August 31) with 31 vacation days in total taken during times agreed upon between the teacher and his or her supervisor.

Teachers Assigned can have one of several different jobs and position codes on a district, region or the central DOE payroll. Here are a few of them:

Committee on Special Education: Teachers Assigned who work for any of the 10 CSEs in the five boroughs have duties that include working on the Individualized Education Plans for special needs students in preschool or nonpublic schools.

Children First Network: Teachers Assigned who work with the Children First Network focus on staff development issues.

Literary collaborative coach: Teachers Assigned in this position provide in-class coaching on all elements of reading and writing instruction and assessment for K-2 teachers, prepare professional learning workshops on primary literacy instruction and assessment to be delivered during after-school professional learning time and/or during collaborative planning time during the school day. This role also shares periodic benchmarks to school administration.

Instructional coordinator: Working in the Division of Early Childhood Education, instructional coordinators provide on-site coaching and professional learning to early childhood teachers and school leaders. Responsibilities include leading workshops for parents, facilitating conversations with the school’s administrators and providing professional learning resources tailored to early childhood educators.

Intensive reading interventionist: Teachers Assigned who work as Intensive Reading Interventionists plan and implement research-based explicit, systematic interventions citywide with students across grade levels. This role reports to one or two schools a day to support screening for dyslexia, work with school teams to identify students in need of interventions, support with alignment of interventions, and provide intensive intervention instruction with small groups of students across the week.

Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center: Teachers Assigned who work with the RSE-TASC help to asses programs and the provision of professional development, support and technical assistance to schools to improve results for students with disabilities.

Peer validators: Under our new contract signed in 2014, educators rather than outside consultants will serve as peer validators in the teacher evaluation system. Teachers Assigned will fill this role.

Teachers Assigned cover a wide range of positions. These do not reflect the entire spectrum of assignments, but are a few of the more common ones. We apologize if we've missed your title!