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Teacher Evaluation

The DOE will use the Advance teacher development and evaluation system, including Measures of Student Learning (MOSL) and Measures of Teacher Practice (MOTP) ratings, to evaluate educators this school year.

Here are some important documents related to the Advance system and teacher evaluation:

The matrix

You will receive a H, E, D or I rating for both your Measures of Teacher Practice (MOTP) and Measures of Student Learning (MOSL) subcomponents. The matrix, which is shown below, makes it easy to determine your final rating. Just find the square where your MOSL rating and your MOTP rating intersect and that’s your final rating. 

  Measures of Teacher Practice
Highly Effective (H) Effective (E) Developing (D) Ineffective (I)
Measures of Student Learning Highly Effective (H) H H E D
Effective (E) H E E D
Developing (D) E E D I
Ineffective (I) D D I I

The Teacher Development and Evaluation System is a multiple-measure system that allows for a holistic assessment of a teacher's contribution to the progress students make. Measures of student learning are combined with measures of teacher practice (observations made by evaluators) to create an overall rating.

See the UFT evaluation guide