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Peer Intervention Program

Online learning: Teaching tomorrow's skills today!

The Peer Intervention Program (PIP) has continued providing intensive one on one support to its Pre-K through HS tenured teachers during these unprecedented times. PIP has been there every step of the way navigating and assisting its participants with this new and exciting approach to teaching.

First and foremost, since the very beginning of this new approach to teaching, PIP has assisted its teachers with transitioning the physical school day into an appropriate, standards based, manageable virtual school day. PIP provides supports in effective online lesson plans as well as how to select the most effective apps/learning platforms for online learning. PIP helps develop video-based mini-lessons as well as create remote learning assignments and projects.

Beyond instructional support, PIP supports its participants in organizing and documenting their efforts through the development of accountability protocols and organizational skills such as record keeping. PIP is helping its participants develop ways to include parents/families/caregivers in the learning process and provide technological support such as brainstorming fun activities such as scavenger hunts for our early childhood and elementary families.

As PIP is a unique, holistic program, it continues to provide coaching, modeling as well as social-emotional support. PIP communicates the idea of self care so its participants can present their best selves when it is time to teach remotely. This communication includes wellness checks, coping mechanisms and stress management techniques as well as intensive support through our Counseling Support Services Liaison (LCSW, NCPsy A).

PIP job postings

  • Teacher intervenors
    Intervenors work individually on an ongoing basis with participating teachers for up to one year, in and out of the classroom, to improve teaching skills and effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Alternative career liaison
    A licensed tenured teacher, school counselor, school social worker or school psychologist who oversees and assists teachers' transitions into alternative positions.

What is PIP?

Are you a tenured teacher or guidance counselor who is struggling with pedagogical and professional issues?

Are you ready to take responsibility for achieving high standards and becoming more effective?

Get confidential one-on-one help from highly experienced, specially selected colleagues who will create individualized professional development plans with you to emphasize your strengths and improve your shortcomings.

With the Peer Intervention Program (PIP), you can take charge of your own professional standards, address instructional issues and turn your career around.

Or, after working with your intervenor for several months you decide your career is not fulfilling, with the help of a PIP career counselor, you can discover one that is. This can be either within the education field or a completely different career path.

All of the support you receive at PIP is voluntary, confidential and nonevaluative. It’s also compassionate and holistic. A mental health practictioner is available for support throughout your participation.

Request assistance from PIP

Read the latest issue of PIP's newsletter, Partners in Progress.

The nationally recognized Peer Intervention Program is devoted to providing the best possible education for the students of New York City. It was co-founded by the UFT and the Department of Education in 1988.

PIP is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located at 50 Broadway, 15th Floor, NY, NY, 10004. Summer hours are from 9 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-212-844-0600 or email us at