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PIP Testimonials

What is it like to participate in the Peer Intervention Program? Here are testimonials from teachers.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the PIP program. I especially want to thank my intervenor for all her support, patience, dedication and for being there when I needed her support the most.

I applied for PIP after my chapter leader, a veteran special ed teacher, had a heartfelt conversation with me. She knew about my struggles and how my ratings had been inconsistent year after year. Although I have always strived to do the best job I could as a general education teacher, I was just not getting it.

This experience has touched me in a more personal level. I have learned to look at people’s strengths more than ever and now talk about how I can work on and improve myself. Thanks to PIP, I am much more confident about what I do for a living and a lot more reflective when it comes to being goal-oriented in order to grow professionally. This experience has also had a positive impact on my students’ engagement and work habits, as well.

I am thankful for everything PIP has done to lend me a helping hand and strengthen my teaching craft!
— B.J.

PIP has made a positive impact on me by helping me set short term goals. I was fortunate to get into the program, because I worked with an intervenor who was knowledgeable and pushed me to try new things within the classroom.

When we moved into remote learning my intervenor was there for me and provided further guidance and assistance, so that the transition would be smooth. Providing me with choices and other teaching approaches was definitely beneficial.
— S.F.

I am feeling more confident with my teaching abilities due to the help of my intervenor. She has helped me for many hours after the session had ended for the day. I was taught strategies in the classroom and how to navigate through the Remote Learning classroom as well. I’ve learned new ways to teach using things like Nearpod and Pear Deck in which the children have fun doing.
— A.F.

The PIP program supported me in the classroom, and gave me the confidence I needed to continue doing what I love, TEACH. My intervenor motivated me to try new things and helped me get more organized in my classroom and in my virtual classroom. Without my mentor I would have been lost during the COVID-19 quarantine. She was a life saver.
— L.R.

The PIP program has made a difference in my professional life. I have increased the amount of skill I have in class management. With the remote learning platform, PIP has taught me skills I didn’t have before. The dedicated support of PIP is unmatched. My intervenor has my back and I can trust her.
— C.M.

When you’re at your lowest and you feel as though the world has failed you, don’t forget PIP is there. I am a living testimony that they will provide ALL the help you need, including a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. They will send licensed, master educators that will help you to rejuvenate, motivate, and increase your productivity-in and out of the classroom! That is why, PIP, I’ve got your back and that’s a matter of fact!
— C.F.

The Peer Intervention Program was recommended to me by a colleague. In the beginning I was unsure of what to expect and not sure of the outcomes, but I can truly say I’m glad I participated.

The Peer Intervenor was just that: a peer. Someone non-judgmental who was a support and had a vault of resources. I was able to reach into that vault, sift through it and use what I needed. The Peer Intervenor then provided the support to implement the strategies into my pedagogical teaching practice.

PIP provided me with support even outside of the classroom. I was able to talk to an Alternative Careers Liaison and the Counseling Support Services who helped with social and emotional aspects.

During the year while working closely with my Peer Intervenor, we covered things like lesson planning; learning centers; data collection and usage; questioning; accountable talk and Donors Choose to name a few. It’s not that I wasn’t doing these types of things, but the Peer Intervenor helped me to do them better and more efficiently. She allowed me to tweak my teaching to make it a better teaching practice. This led to my students becoming more successful, independent learners and helped me meet the demands of the administration.
— M.J.