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Linking to Learning

Boosting productivity with AI

Instead of spending hours searching for teaching resources, writing parent communications or creating presentations from scratch, AI can help teachers perform these tasks in a few clicks. 

Using simulations in your class

Online simulations make it easier for students to explore settings that would be difficult to reproduce in real life. They are interactive and allow students to be in control of their learning.

Online resources to support newcomers

See exemplary teaching strategies and instructional tools to support newcomers. 

Data literacy essential

Understanding and interpreting data is a fundamental skill of modern life. Learn how to teach data skills using engaging, student-centered strategies and resources. 

Lessons about climate change

If you are planning to create lesson plans related to the DOE's Climate Action Days or want to integrate the topic of climate change more regularly in your classroom, there are many high-quality materials online. 

Mindfulness digital resources abound

Between the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of social media, many students are dealing with anxiety, lack of focus, tumultuous emotions or depression. There’s a proven strategy that can help: mindfulness. Here are some digital resources that can help teachers bring mindfulness practices into the classroom.