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Retired Teachers Chapter News

Sign up for Si Beagle classes

RTC members can register for the Fall 2024/Intersession 2025 Si Beagle starting July 15.

Medicare Part B reimbursements

Time to review your bank accounts to ensure that you received Medicare Part B 2023 reimbursements that were scheduled to be distributed in mid-April 2024.

IRMAA 2023 reimbursements

Medicare B 2023 IRMAA reimbursements are scheduled to be issued by October 2024. Eligible retirees must submit the IRMAA 2023 application along with required supporting documents.

Rules governing work after retirement

Here's what you need to know about making extra income after retirement from the New York City DOE.

Retired teacher becomes a Dragon Sister

Retiree Rita Kelly is setting the world ablaze in her second act as a Dragon Sister, one of an all-woman crew of dragon boat racers in Florida, where she and her teammates brave the waters in a thousand-year-old sport of endurance and speed.

The summer of our discontent

In the months leading up to November's momentous presidential election, we can remain on the sidelines and let the bad guys make the decisions, or we can enter the political fray, enlist our friends and allies in the battle and forge victories.