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Retired Teachers Chapter News

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Rules for working after retirement

If you are thinking of returning to work after retirement, you must adhere to some important rules to avoid jeopardizing your pension or Social Security benefits.

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Back in person in the Bronx

After providing online courses only during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFT’s Si Beagle Learning Center in the Bronx welcomed retirees in the Bronx section back into the building this spring for a limited number of in-person classes.

Helping students

Helping students in need in honor of his son

Retired Tottenville HS teacher runs a foundation named for his late son that continues his son's good works, anonymously helping students in need with expenses such as SAT and college application fees, sports team dues, senior year events, tutoring and Chromebooks for doing homework.

Scam Artists

Beware of scam artists

In a world that is increasingly dependent on technology, everyone is a potential victim of fraud. Tens of thousands of Americans fall prey to swindlers each year. But people over the age of 60 are targeted by scammers, often because they are trusting, polite, enjoy good credit, own a home and have financial savings.

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Gauging your trust in us

Elections can be valuable measurements of the trust that rank-and-file union members have in the leaders they choose.

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Medicare Part B 2021 reimbursements

Medicare Part B 2021 reimbursements were scheduled to be distributed in mid-April 2022.

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IRMAA 2021 reimbursement

IRMAA reimbursement applications for 2021 are available on the city's Office of Labor Relations website.


Suffolk Zoom courses cast wider net

Ira Faber, coordinator of the Retired Teachers Chapter's Suffolk section on Long Island, has seen an uptick in attendance at Si Beagle courses since they became virtual during the pandemic.

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Dial UFT for free, confidential support

From offering support through friendly phone calls to advocating for retirees as they navigate the health care system, the geriatric social workers of the UFT's Retiree Social Services give free and confidential assistance to thousands of members each year. 

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A steward of flora and fauna

Deborah Dolan, a retired literacy instructor, is a member of the Vital Volunteers of the Van Cortlandt Park Alliance, helping to create an awareness of the Bronx park among its users and to plant the seeds for nurturing the park well into the future.