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Articles for new teachers

Prep now for an easier September

As much as you might want to toss all your materials in a box and sprint out the door on the last day of school, consider doing your future self a favor by strategically preparing for September in June, thoughtfully packing up your classroom and finding ways to continue to build your skills over the summer. 

Preparing for tenure

It is important for teachers in their probationary period (which lasts four years and a day) to be proactive about communicating with the principal about earning tenure and staying on top of their certification requirements.

Fulfilling professional state certification

If you’re like many new teachers, you’re working under an Initial, Internship or Transitional B teaching certificate that will eventually expire. With the school year half over, now is a good time to take stock of the progress you’re making toward your Professional state certification.

Money-saving tips for classroom supplies

It is possible to finance classroom projects with grants, donations and other money-saving strategies. Here are some avenues.

Important tips to help manage your classroom

New teachers may erroneously believe that effective classroom management comes from being stern and no-nonsense. But veteran educators know that there are better ways to establish a calm classroom. Here are some tips.

Creating a welcoming classroom

Having a warm and inviting learning environment will help you connect with your students, especially those who are new to the school or even the country. Here are some suggestions for how to make your students feel welcome in your classroom from the start of the new school year.