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Know Your Rights

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Resolving workplace issues

The DOE-UFT contract gives educators two mechanisms for addressing workplace problems and enforcing their collective bargaining agreement: the operational issues process and the grievance process.

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School safety during the pandemic

The multiple layers of protection against COVID-19, including the vaccination of all staff and eligible students, are serving our school communities well. 

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Special ed evaluation & services

All students suspected of having a disability should be identified, located and evaluated. Referral for special education evaluation should not, however, be the first response to pandemic-related learning loss or readjustment issues.

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ICT classes

The theory behind integrated co-teaching classrooms, in which one special education teacher and one general education teacher work as partners, is simple: Children with disabilities are supported with specially designed instruction and services that meet their needs in a classroom alongside their typically developing peers. 

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Transferring schools

All UFT pedagogues and paraprofessionals, not just teachers, have the opportunity to transfer to a different school under the Open Market Transfer Plan each year from April 15 to Aug. 7.

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School safety during the pandemic - Spring 2021

The stringent safety policies in areas such as testing, ventilation and social distancing that the union ensured were in place in September have kept the percentage of staff and students who test positive for COVID-19 within New York City public schools low all year.

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Cumulative Absence Reserve

Having paid leave to rest and recuperate when you are sick is one of the many benefits of union membership and Cumulative Absence Reserve is the formal name for the bank of sick days earned by UFT-represented employees who work for the city Department of Education.

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Absences and leaves related to COVID-19

The UFT has negotiated two hours of paid release time per vaccine dose for members who are unable to schedule their appointment outside the workday. UFT members who have side effects after taking the COVID-19 vaccine and feel sick may also be entitled to paid time off depending on their symptoms and the severity of the side effects.


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Paraprofessionals’ rights and responsibilities during blended learning

Here's what the school day looks like for paraprofessionals and how their responsibilities have changed during blended learning. The new position of para classroom manager will also help meet the demands of teaching during COVID-19

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COVID-related leaves and absences

The coronavirus has necessitated many changes in our work world. To ensure the safety of school communities, staff and students are now being tested regularly, and recently negotiated leaves and absences related to COVID-19 are one accommodation to our new reality.