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Self-care Resources

The UFT Member Assistance Program understands that time is precious, which is why we have compiled a list of self-care resources that you can utilize when the time is right for you. 

You can also contact the UFT Member Assistance Program for more support by emailing or calling 212-701-9620.

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Managing stress and anxiety

  • Nature Therapy
    Studies have shown being outdoors can lessen blood pressure, sharpen your focus, improve your mood, lessen depression and boost your immune system.
  • Calm offers premium access to their mindfulness app through NYSUT.
  • Understanding stress
    Learn about how stress affects your body and how to handle it.
  • Understanding stress, a quick guide
    When managed successfully, stress can help you be your best. But unresolved stress can lead to emotional and physical problems. Take stock: how do you handle your stress?
  • Stress assessment
    Answer these 21 questions to help yourself understand how you're doing.
  • Recommendations for minimizing stress
    Get 19 quick tips for handling your stress.
  • Jabumind is a free mindfulness app created just for teachers. Join teachers from across the world in a 10-week meditation program, or browse their library of guided meditations to help reduce stress, regulate emotions, and improve quality of sleep.

Virtual resources