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Contract 2023: PSAL

Six sports are now added to the list of PSAL coaching activities. Here are the new sports and the maximum number of paid coaching sessions (two hours per session) in a school year:

Sport Number of sessions
Badminton 96
Table tennis 96
Double dutch 96
Flag football 100
Rugby 84
Stunt 96


Because some events last longer than four hours, PSAL wrestling and cross-country coaches can now, with the pre-approval of PSAL, be paid for up to four sessions (eight consecutive hours) for an event, up from a maximum of two sessions. Likewise, a PSAL track coach may now be paid for up to five sessions (10 consecutive hours) for a long meet with the pre-approval of PSAL. This doesn’t change the maximum number of paid sessions, only the way that coaches can use those sessions.

If a PSAL-approved event requires more than eight hours, PSAL can submit a waiver on behalf of the coach to receive payment for the full time spent coaching.