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Contract 2023 FAQ: Other issues

Do basic instructional supplies come from the school budget?

Many principals may say they have no money for supplies. Yes, instructional supplies come from the school budget. Principals must provide the basic instructional supplies listed in Article 7R1 of the contract. The DOE gives schools money specifically for instructional supplies, and there are other funding streams that can pay for them as well. If you do not receive basic instructional supplies, you may file a grievance.

The contract also adds new items to the list of basic instructional supplies: electronic devices, printers, copiers, ink and toner, if those supplies are necessary based on your assignment.

Does this contract include changes to health care or a commitment to health care savings?

No, it does not.

How has the school calendar been revised?

As part of our negotiations on the new contract, the DOE agreed to revise the 2023-24 school year calendar to add four more holidays. See the dates

The four additional school holidays in the 2023-24 school year calendar are:

  • Monday, April 1: Easter Monday
  • Monday, April 29, and Tuesday, April 30: the final two days of Passover, so now the Spring Recess will be seven school days
  • Monday, June 17: Eid al-Adha

The DOE has also issued calendars for the next two school years. Going forward, the DOE and the UFT need to agree on the school calendar before a pilot workday agreement can be made.