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Contract 2023 FAQ: Virtual learning

How will teachers be made aware of new virtual learning job positions?

There is much work to be done before these jobs are made available. The UFT/DOE Virtual Labor Management Committee must agree on the details of the Central Virtual Learning Program. Schools need to submit applications for the School-Based Virtual Learning Program. Once those applications are reviewed, and postings are agreed upon, both the UFT and the DOE will advertise those positions.

Will teachers be giving up tenure/seniority if they move to a virtual learning position?

No, teachers will maintain their license and therefore tenure. Only if a teacher changes their license (from math to ELA, for example) would they go back on probation. But that is true even outside the Virtual Learning Program.

What type of licenses and what job titles are eligible to apply for a virtual learning position?

At the moment, elementary schools are not included in the virtual program. It is likely that there will be opportunities for employees with all types of secondary school licenses and titles once specific details about virtual learning positions are available.