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Pre-approved SBO options

These are the pre-approved SBO options for schools that wish to modify the default workday. See sample ballots for the new pilot workday. 

For single-session schools:

  1. 60 PD on Monday mornings/40 OPW on Tuesday mornings
  2. 60 PD on Monday afternoons/40 OPW on Wednesday afternoons
  3. 60 PD/40 OPW morning/afternoon on Mondays
  4. 60 PD/40 OPW in one block on Monday afternoons
  5. 80 PD on Monday mornings/35 OPW on Tuesday mornings/40 minutes for parent engagement

For multi-session, District 75 and District 79 schools:

  1. Faculty and Grade Conferences in morning blocks
  2. Faculty and grade/department meetings during the workday
  3. Faculty and grade conference time converted to monthly 80-minute PD blocks
  4. Faculty and grade conference time used to create time for PD and parent engagement work

For all schools:

  1. Instructional school day will be 6 hours and 45 minutes Monday through Friday for teachers and paraprofessionals. Plus a 60-minute PD block on the first Monday of the month and 40 minutes for parent engagement every month.

See the MOA for the details about these SBO options and our FAQs about SBOs under the new contract.