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Contract 2023: Student pathways initiative

The DOE’s Student Pathways Initiative will create career-connected learning and pathways for all high students, including financial literacy and civics skills.

Students will receive:

  1. regular and frequent college and career counseling;
  2. the opportunity to participate in career-connected learning opportunities, including career readiness skill building and paid internships;
  3. early college credits and industry recognized credentials;
  4. individualized post-secondary plans.

The initiative will enhance and expand current CTE course offerings and programs.

High school staff, including staff in existing CTE programs, will have an opportunity to participate in:

  • targeted professional learning, including industry-based professional development;
  • the design of career-connected learning programs; and
  • alternative career pathways.


CTE teachers may be programmed for double periods wherever possible and appropriate based on the content areas. Two double periods may be programmed consecutively.

Teachers and paraprofessionals will receive career-connected learning curriculum and training, from industry professionals when appropriate and feasible.

The DOE and the UFT will form a labor management committee to discuss:

  1. The use of paraprofessionals to provide instructional support to students being taught a career-connected learning curriculum and to provide support regarding apprenticeships/internships, under the general direction of a pedagogical employee or supervisor.
  2. Assignment of high school teachers to classes that provide both high school and college credits.
  3. Methods to support the work of work-based learning coordinators.
  4. Alternative teacher schedules.

Alternative Certification:

The DOE and the UFT will jointly request that the state Education Department issue a) industry-specific temporary teaching certificates; and b) new long-term teaching certificates that recognize specific industry expertise.

The DOE and the UFT will meet once per term to discuss operational issues related to this program.