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Reportable disease policy

The Department of Health/DOE School Health is supposed to send out a letter to staff and parents whenever there has been a case or cases of a reportable disease (for example, tuberculosis, bacterial meningitis, etc.) and we have an informal policy for other diseases such as Fifth’s disease (which is not a reportable disease).

  • These letters never identify the individuals with the disease so medical confidentiality is maintained.
  • The letters should go out to all staff and parents but this doesn’t always happen.
  • We also have an informal policy whereby the Department of Health/DOE School Health notifies us but this doesn’t always happen either.
  • The consultation committee should request that notification letters go out to all staff and parents.

Reportable diseases

Article 11 of the NYC Health Code requires that a number of diseases and conditions, which have the potential to adversely affect the health of the general public are reported. The code requires that physicians, hospitals and institutions, clinical laboratories and other designated professionals report these diseases to the New York City Department of Health. Reports are not required from patients or the general public.


Section 11.03 of the NYC Health Code defines a suspected outbreak among 3 or more persons of any disease or condition and of any unusual manifestation of a disease in an individual should be reported to the DOH immediately