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Move-to-Improve is a free classroom-based physical activity program that helps elementary school teachers in district public schools enhance their lessons by integrating physical activity into academic instruction to get students moving. Activities are adaptable for different ages, academic levels, and physical abilities. Research shows that:

  • Physically active students do better in school
  • Daily physical activity can help students focus and behave better in class
  • Physical activity helps students to be healthy

How Does Move-to-Improve Work?

Elementary school teachers use Move-to-Improve to add physical activity into their classroom lessons and must receive training to use Move-to-Improve with their students. The Move-to-Improve activities build on what students learn in physical education and in their other subjects.

Move-to-Improve All-Star schools have a comprehensive physical education (PE) program led by a certified or designated PE teacher, and at least 85% of elementary teachers trained in Move-to-Improve. Move-to-Improve All-Star schools may count up to 40 minutes of Move-to-Improve activities each week in order to supplement the New York State Elementary PE requirement.

Visit the New York City Department of Education’s Office of School Wellness Programs Professional Learning Catalog to browse free trainings held throughout the school year.

Read and share this fact sheet with your school staff and visit the New York City Department of Education’s WeTeachNYC website for a full collection of Move-to-Improve resources. You can also email to learn more.