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CookShop, the USDA-funded nutrition education program of Food Bank For New York City, provides K-5 students and adults with the knowledge and tools to adopt and enjoy a nutritious diet and active lifestyle on a limited budget. Interested schools can acquire recruitment + program information by emailing

The CookShop Online program is a virtual curriculum that educators can use year-round. It consists of online videos, worksheets and activities that can be done together in a classroom or remotely. Interested teachers can gain access by filling out an inquiry form.

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Teacher and Parent Praise for CookShop

"CookShop allowed me to do something that I love (teach) without being restricted to a guideline or rubric. My children learned so much about plants, healthy eating, and the community, improving fine motor skills and sharing with classmates. They also increased their reading, writing and math skills, and are not afraid to experiment, eating different foods. Thanks!"
Bronx teacher

"Many students tried things they had never eaten before and enjoyed them!"
Bronx teacher

"My pre-K students were very eager to share in preparing the menu, naming the ingredients, and most of all tasting the food (especially the fruits and leafy vegetables!) The students ate the foods we prepared and asked their moms to prepare the food at home, too."
Bronx pre-K teacher

"After participating in CookShop at PS 463X, my children now cook with me and have lost weight. My son is 12 and has lost 20 pounds and my daughter has lost 12 pounds. I stopped drinking soda and started making smoothies for breakfast, hearty crudites for snacks and I have lost 45 pounds. Thank you!"
Bronx parent

"As a parent of a picky eater, it is very frustrating to try to get your child to eat healthy meals. CookShop has totally transformed my five-year-old's eating habits. He no longer fears trying new foods and now he eats anything from cauliflower to quinoa."
Bronx parent

"I was strongly motivated to attend [CookShop for Families workshops], due to the fact that my son’s classroom was actively involved with this special program. At CookShop For Families, I became highly aware that adults need to model healthy habits for their children at all times. For example, enjoying fruit any time of the day! 

Making fruit visible and an easy snack or even experimenting with fruit at dinner. I have become more alert about some of the nutritional facts of labels on certain food items. Overall, I have become highly conscientious when shopping at grocery stores, since the CookShop For Families workshops began.

In addition, I have learned that Family meals can be fun. For example, skipping the soda and/or sugary drinks after a healthy meal is important. I have learned that replacing sugary drinks with water or something even called a Fruit Fizzy can decrease the amount of added sugar for our children. Overall, CookShop For Families has inspired members of my family to maintain an active lifestyle with a healthy meal plan and with physical fitness."
CookShop for Families parent participant