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Switching schools

Open Market Transfer period begins on April 11
New York Teacher

The Department of Education’s Open Market Transfer Plan, which gives UFT members the opportunity to transfer to a different school, opens on April 11 and closes on Aug. 6 this year.

The plan gives pedagogues, including teachers, clinicians, school counselors and school secretaries, as well as paraprofessionals, the chance to apply for a position at another school. You can view vacancies citywide and submit applications online via the DOE website during the transfer period.

The vacancies posted on the DOE website change as positions are filled and principals add new openings, so it’s a good idea to check regularly. More vacancies will be listed after principals receive their school budgets for the 2024–25 school year in June. If you are aware of a vacancy at your school that has not been posted, please contact your UFT borough office or your district representative as soon as possible with the details.

How to apply

After completing an online registration form, which will require you to create a user ID and password, you can apply online for any vacancies in your current license area. There is room on the online application for a cover letter and resume. You can also apply online to transfer to schools that have not advertised a vacancy so principals are aware of your interest in the event a vacancy arises. The UFT recommends that in addition to applying online, you follow up after each application by emailing or mailing the school your cover letter and resume.

The hiring process

School-based committees of supervisors and pedagogues may interview candidates and make hiring recommendations. Committees are not required to interview all applicants. You may also be interviewed by a principal directly, without a committee. In both cases, the final decision rests with the principal.

You do not need a release from your current principal to accept a transfer if you secure the transfer during the Open Market period. The hiring principal will enter your name into the Galaxy budget and you will receive a printed transfer agreement that you both must sign. At that point, the system will notify your current principal about the transfer. Once you accept an offer, you cannot transfer again during the same Open Market Transfer period without a release from the new principal.

If you are offered a new position after the period ends on Aug. 6, you must obtain a release from your current principal to complete the transfer.

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