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Ira Wells

Ira Wells was a social studies teacher for many years until his retirement in 1981.

Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh was a UFT member for 34 years, most recently teaching English literature at the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art in Manhattan.

Marilyn Masierol

Marilyn Masierol was a dedicated teacher, UFT chapter leader and a published author with a career spanning over 30 years.

Garfield Hull

Garfield Hull was a UFT member for 21 years and taught at PS 373 in Brooklyn for decades and worked as the coordinator of the Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital work site.

Greta Facey

Greta Facey was a UFT member for 25 years, most recently working in the Bronx.

Linda Stevens

Linda Stevens was a UFT member for 37 years and taught fifth grade at PS 4 in Queens.

Richard Porta

Richard Porta was a school counsellor at PS 134 in Manhattan known for his dedication.

Anne Bush

Anne Bush was a proud member of the UFT for over 3 decades, ending her long career as a teacher for gifted and talented kindergarten students at PS 153 in Queens.

Clint Winant

Clint Winant was an elementary school teacher at PS 121 in the Bronx, where he taught for 25 years and served as a UFT representative.

John Gillen

John Gillen worked for many years as a history teacher at New Dorp HS in Staten Island, retiring in 1977.