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Participating Panelist Program

How do I use the Participating Panelist Program?

  1. Present the validated certificate to any of the Participating Optical Panelists designated on the current list of Welfare Fund Optical Centers before services are rendered and/or an order is placed*. Validated certificates must be presented to the Panelist before the expiration date. If the certificate has not been used within the period, a replacement may be obtained.
    *Panelists are not required to accept a validated certificate after an order is placed.

  2. Upon completion of the service at the Participating Optical Panelist, make sure to sign and date Part 6 of the certificate before leaving the store. Payment will be made directly to the Participating Optical Panelist.

What are the advantages of using the Participating Optical Panelist Program?

  1. There is no cost to you for a covered optical service.

  2. The Fund has negotiated a discount and surcharge program with the panelists who have agreed to give all members and/or their dependents the following discounts in addition to the one hundred and twenty-five dollar ($125.00) reimbursement schedule:

    1. For any frame or lenses (i.e. progressives) that are upgraded, they will receive a minimum 10% discount and a $100.00 frame allowance. The discount will be applied as follows:

Upgraded Service Example:

Retail Price
Designer Frames: $220.00
Progressives Lenses: $225.00
Total Retail Price: $445.00
10% Minimum Panelist Discount: ($ 44.50)
Sub-Total: $400.50
Basic Frame Allowance (if upgraded) ($100.00)
Sub-Total: $300.50
Welfare Fund Benefit: ($125.00)
Member’s Final Cost: $175.50

Other Service Types:


Note: Member’s Final Cost does not take into account the surcharge items in #4 below. These items are not included in the Total Retail Price for calculating the member’s discount.

  1. For any item purchased not in connection with their covered service, for example, a second pair of glasses, a minimum 10% discount off the retail price.

  2. If the member/dependent chooses, or the prescription requires, items as listed below, the panelist may charge the member/dependent no more than the following surcharges (per pair):

    • Tinting $15.00
    • UV Block: $15.00
    • Scratch Resistant Coating: $20.00
    • Glare Free Coating: $30.00
    • Polycarbonate: $35.00
    • Photochromic (Transitions): $50.00
  3. The provider cannot charge more than their usual and customary prices, including sales and special promotions.
  4. Because of its contractual relationship with the panelist, the Welfare Fund will offer its assistance in helping you resolve any problems with a participating optical panelist that may arise.