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Dental HMO Plan

If you elect to receive dental coverage through the Dentcare HMO, the Welfare Fund's Scheduled Benefit Plan is not applicable. Dentcare would provide all covered services.

Dentcare HMO
333 Earl Ovington Blvd., Suite 300
Uniondale, NY 11553-3608
800-468-0600 or 516-542-2700


What are the benefits under the Dental HMO Plan (Dentcare)?

The Dentcare HMO is a pre-paid program of comprehensive dentistry with no deductibles, co-payments or other out-of-pocket expenses when provided or authorized by your primary Dentcare dentist. There are no annual or lifetime maximums and they offer 100% coverage on all covered dental services without having to file claim forms.

How do I enroll in the Dentcare HMO plan?

Enrollment in the Dentcare HMO is strictly voluntary. If you wish to select Dentcare you must complete the UFT Welfare Fund’s Dental Transfer Form (DTF) during the Fall Dental Open Enrollment Period. The Dental Transfer Form is also available by calling the UFT Welfare Fund Forms Hotline at 212-539- 0539. Once enrolled, you and your family will continue to be enrolled in Dentcare until the next Fall Dental Open Enrollment Period when you are permitted to change plans.

Can each family member have a different dental plan?

No. If you enroll in Dentcare, your entire family must also be enrolled in Dentcare.

How do I obtain benefits under the Dentcare plan?

You must choose your dentist from Dentcare’s list of participating providers. That dentist will perform all necessary work or will refer you to one of Dentcare’s specialists.

Your primary dentist must refer you to specialists. There is no coverage without the proper referral.

It is not necessary for the entire family to have the same dentist. Each family member, including children, may choose from the list of Dentcare’s participating dentists.

Specific questions about the level of benefits or about participating dentists may be directed to Dentcare at 800-468-0600.

Once enrolled, Dentcare will send you an ID card indicating your primary dentist. Dentcare will also notify the dentist that you are a Dentcare patient. You may call your Dentcare dentist anytime after the effective date of your coverage.