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Enrolling and updating

What are my Welfare Fund benefits?

The UFT Welfare Fund provides:

  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Hearing Aid
  • Continuation of Coverage
  • Health and Cancer Helpline
  • Medicare Part D Catastrophic Reimbursement
  • Retiree Programs
  • Optional Rider Reimbursement and
  • Legal Plan with Elder Law Supplement.

See the applicable chapter(s) in the Red Apple booklet for the benefits listed above

Note: For other benefits provided by the UFT, consult your UFT-RTC Retiree Handbook.

All eligible members are covered by a City basic health plan of their choice. For detailed descriptions of these benefits refer to the NYC Health Benefits Program Summary Program Description booklet. Additionally, members may contact the different plans listed in that booklet for further information.

How do I update information?

All members must notify the Fund Office of a change in address, marital status or dependent status by filing an Update Your Information Form. When enrolling or changing dependents, the member must attach or submit photocopies of necessary documentation to the Update Your Information Form. The Fund reserves the right to request additional documentation verifying the bona fide relationship of any dependent to a member.

Please note that upon divorce or termination of domestic partnership an Update Your Information Form must be completed with applicable documentation attached or submitted to delete a spouse or domestic partner.

May I decline further coverage for an enrolled eligible dependent?

Yes. You may decline further coverage for an enrolled eligible dependent at any time by completing a Declination of Welfare Fund Coverage for Eligible Dependents form. You can also obtain this form from the Fund Office.

If you decline Welfare Fund coverage for any dependent, you will only be permitted to re-enroll that dependent, upon submission of proof to the Fund of that dependent’s loss of other comparable coverage, within 30 days of the loss of such comparable coverage.