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Retiree programs

Guide to Retiree Programs

  • Informational meetings, cultural, instructional, recreational and other appropriate Social Services

Retiree Programs

Who is covered?

All eligible members, as described in the General Information section, are covered under Retiree Programs. Spouses/Domestic Partners may also participate in the programs described below.

What are retiree programs?

The UFT Welfare Fund maintains a Department of Retiree Programs to develop and conduct informational meetings, with cultural, instructional, and recreational programs for retirees.

The Department features Retiree Learning Centers in each UFT borough office as well as programs in other sections of the Metropolitan area. Members participate in a wide array of activities such as a life-long learning program, seminars, day trips, theatre clubs, “dine arounds,” informational meetings and special events. Courses are also offered at the UFT Florida Center.

Informational meetings, trips, and special events are offered around the country wherever a cluster of members reside. Currently those areas include Arizona, Florida, Georgia, the greater Washington D.C. area, Nevada, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico.

Annual meetings are held in the NY Metropolitan area and most of the locations listed above.

The Retiree Social Services Department provides assistance and support to retirees across the country with a range of social services such as information and referrals, short term counseling and weekly telephone reassurance calls.

Visit the Retiree Programs page for the latest Si Beagle course bulletin, registration coupons and other information about UFT Retiree Programs.

How are benefits obtained?

The Department of Retiree Programs publicizes its activities in the monthly New York Teacher, the semi-annual Si Beagle bulletin and Florida Events Newsletter as well as individual event flyers for each section throughout the country. Information is also listed on the Retiree Programs page.

For more information write to:

UFT Welfare Fund Retiree Programs
52 Broadway 17th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Or call 212-598-6879.