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What is IRMAA?

IRMAA is an acronym for Medicare’s Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount, which is a greater premium Medicare charges for Part B and Part D coverage to individuals with higher incomes. IRMAA is determined based on a retiree’s Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) and tax filing status. Social Security uses the most recent tax return provided by the IRS, which means that the IRMAA determination is based on tax returns filed in prior years. 

See the most current timeline and income thresholds for IRMAA »

Members who paid the premium may qualify to be reimbursed from the city, but they must apply. For more information about IRMAA eligibility, see our helpful video »

How do I apply for an IRMAA reimbursement? 

Members who qualify for IRMAA reimbursements and who paid the premium, may qualify to be reimbursed from the city Office of Labor Relations, but they must apply. 

See current rates and the IRMAA application on the Office of Labor Relations’ IRMAA page » Members must include copies of the documentation requested on the application and are also advised to retain copies for themselves. Learn more about the IRMAA application process »