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Lead Teacher Assistant Q&A for Paraprofessionals

Learn more about the Lead Teacher Assistant position for paraprofessionals by reading our Q&A below. See the DOE website for the job posting and the application process

How many paras can become Lead Teacher Assistants?

There is no maximum number of paraprofessionals who can become a Lead Teacher Assistant. The number of positions will depend on which schools have decided to create the position in the school.

When will the positions be in place in schools?

The Lead Teacher Assistant role has been in place since September 2016.

If I don’t get accepted to this program, will the DOE still give me 40 days paid leave for student teaching?

The paid leave for student teaching is available to all paraprofessionals. It is not contingent upon becoming a Lead Teacher Assistant (LTA).

Will they reimburse payment for teacher certification exams?

The DOE will reimburse all paraprofessionals, one time for each paraprofessional, for up to $400 for state teacher certification examinations once certification is granted to those participating in tuition reimbursement as part of the career training program.

I have been working several years. Can I apply?

Any paraprofessional with a bachelor’s degree can apply for this position.

I have a bachelor’s degree in science. May I apply?

Yes, any bachelor’s degree would make a paraprofessional eligible for the Lead Teacher Assistant role.

If I do not want to be teacher, can I still apply for the position?

This position is open to any paraprofessional.

Are there special funds allocated for this position?

No. Each school will have to fund the position.

I have a master’s degree. Am I over-qualified?

No. You are eligible to apply.

Do I have to be an LTA to get reimbursed for the 12 graduate credits?

No. All paras are eligible to receive reimbursement for the 12 graduate credits (and 12 additional credits if you pursue a bilingual program).

Will I have to transfer schools to become an LTA?

Not necessarily. To become an LTA at your current school, the school must have a position. If you apply to become an LTA and become part of the pool of eligible candidates, you have the option to be considered for a position at another school. But you and the principal must agree. You cannot be forced to transfer.