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Protect the vote

New York Teacher

The report that the three Supreme Court justices appointed by President Donald Trump lied under oath about Roe v. Wade is no big surprise. They’re part of Trump’s attempted political coup.

We are looking at the loss of Roe v. Wade, but that ruling opens the door to the loss of the right to privacy, travel and a free education in public schools, along with many other rights codified by the Supreme Court.

I’ve spent a lifetime in the arts, teaching and researching. I understand the classic philosophies and am aware of the wonders of democracy and how delicate is the balance in keeping it alive. Thus I understand that this political folly could upset that delicate balance.

Actions are now necessary to preserve the vote. Actions must be taken to register everyone to vote.

I wish I could only post beautiful music and artistic endeavors. But tyranny is attacking us from within. We must honor the victory our forefathers achieved against foreign tyranny. We must mobilize and continue the fight where the Greatest Generation left off.

Barrie W. Mizerski, R