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Retention and excessing rights

Speech teachers have seniority and excessing rights in their schools. Members cannot be moved from a school unless there is a compelling reason for the excessing situation. If there is more than one speech teacher in the school, the senior teacher in license has the right to remain at the school.

No one should be moved from a high school superintendency or community school district in any borough. We have seniority rights to either an elementary/middle school program or a high school program. No one should be split between a high school and an elementary school.

It has recently been reported that some speech supervisors have violated our district seniority rights by making members cross district boundaries. We have advised members to file a grievance. The DOE’s decision to create ISCs, CFNs, LSOs etc. did not change our rights.

It is important to call the hotline number or your UFT borough office if your rights are being violated. Principals do have the right to choose who works for them and if a speech supervisor sends you to a school, a principal may not wish to hire you. If a school is closing, please call us for your specific rights.