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It's time to hold charter schools accountable

It’s time for Albany to pass a legislative package to bring real oversight to the charter sector. The charter school movement began with bold promises of remaking the educational landscape. The reality is that charters’ “success” has mostly come at...

Why New York City needs smaller class-size caps

The UFT found that nearly 90% of the system’s current buildings could adopt the new class size guidelines by using administrative and similar spaces for instruction.

Helping Teachers Help Students

Michael Mulgrew, President of the United Federation of Teachers, highlights the crucial role UFT Teacher Centers have played both historically and during the COVID-19 pandemic, and petitions Albany legislators to increase state funding for this...

Good Riddance to NYC’s Absent Teacher Reserve Pool. It Was a Bad Idea from the Start.

The Absent Teacher Reserve pool — an initiative that wasted both teacher talent and taxpayer funds — is coming to an end. Its demise is long overdue.

NYC, slash class sizes now

The New York City Council bill to reduce class sizes in our public schools is designed to protect our children’s health and their academic prospects by ensuring adequate space for every student in every classroom.

A rigorous curriculum in every school

We want to create classrooms that acknowledge the diverse talents, gifts, and learning styles of each and every student. The entire point is to ensure that the materials used better reflect the myriad of identities contained in each school and...

To reopen schools, do three things

The city has to show all parents that the public schools this fall are not just safe, but are also the best place their kids can be.

In schools, safety matters most

The arrival of vaccines against the coronavirus is the news we have been waiting for — the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. But we can’t let that good news lead the city to abandon a careful approach to getting and keeping our schools open.

How to fix remote learning in NYC

So far, the logistical and safety challenges of re-opening schools have been met. But despite enormous efforts by teachers, remote learning — something more than 540,000 kids now rely on all the time, and the rest rely on all or part of the time — is...

Albany, throw NYC a lifeline: Why the Legislature should give Gotham license to borrow

New York City has asked Albany for permission to borrow money to maintain city services needed by our residents. The city desperately needs those funds to help fill the huge hole in our local economy created by the coronavirus pandemic.