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Kudos to Lillian Palladino, Susan E. Wagner HS on Staten Island

Susan E. Wagner HS Chapter Leader Lillian Palladino credits the union-negotiated process for tackling excessive paperwork for resolving an issue at her Staten Island school and for “unifying staff, revitalizing morale and bridging the gap with...

Paperwork process expanded to resolve other issues

It worked well to reduce paperwork. So the UFT and the Department of Education agreed in the proposed contract to expand the process to resolve other school-based disputes.

Kudos to Bennett Fischer PS 231 @ PS 54, Brooklyn

Bennett Fischer, the chapter leader at PS 231 @ PS 54 in Brooklyn, seized on the UFT’s new protocol to confront redundant and excessive paperwork to address three big paperwork issues at his District 75 K–8 school.

Union’s new paperwork protocol gets results

Teachers at James Madison HS got relief from burdensome paperwork this year thanks to the union's new reporting process.

UFT targets missing curriculum, excessive paperwork

The UFT is intent this year on enforcing a pair of key provisions from the 2014 contract: to reduce excessive paperwork and to make sure the Department of Education provides all educators in core subjects with appropriate curriculum.

Curbing excessive paperwork

When we hear a constant drumroll of complaints about a persistent obstacle, we take it seriously. And paperwork is the No. 1 complaint our members have about their workday.

Reducing unnecessary paperwork

When educators are bogged down with unnecessary and duplicative paperwork, it takes valuable time away from the work of educating and supporting our students. For that reason, the UFT negotiated a contractual clause in the 2014 contract that is...

New standards to reduce paperwork

The UFT and the DOE reached agreement on May 19 on a broader set of enforceable paperwork standards in the union’s ongoing effort to reduce and eliminate the excessive paper and electronic demands that is taking educators' time away from their...

Union wins paperwork ruling at Dewey HS

In the first test of the 2014 contract’s new standards on paperwork reduction, an arbitrator has ruled in favor of the teachers at John Dewey HS in Gravesend, Brooklyn and ordered the principal to stop burdening staff with unnecessary paperwork.

Using your voice in the classroom

No one understands the needs of educators better than educators themselves. That’s why we fought so hard to give members a voice in their schools and in the design of their own professional learning, effectively reversing years of being shut out by...