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July 7, 2014: First PROSE schools announced

How can we promote and encourage innovation and creativity in the classroom? That’s the question the union sought to answer six years ago when it negotiated, as part of the 2014 DOE-UFT contract, an initiative that rewards collaboration between...

Brooklyn school uses PROSE to enhance PD

Like most educators in professional development sessions, teachers at PS 249 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, discuss theories and best practices. But at PS 249, teachers also get a unique opportunity to test out the strategies they learn on students right...

Steve Burrell, school counselor and chapter leader

For school counselor Steve Burrell, the first day was all about program changes and updating programs. Trying to balance the focus on academics, Bedford Academy HS staff will use the PROSE program to make school more fun by creating clubs and...

Sharing responsibility

PROSE schools must have a track record of collaboration among administration and faculty. But a number of PROSE schools went a step further by launching a shared-leadership initiative, in which faculty members participate fully in the school’s...

On the same mission: Integrating schools

About 55 7th-graders from neighboring middle schools have been spending busy Saturday mornings at the test-prep program initiated and led by Brooklyn Latin HS teachers to encourage and prepare local students for the challenging entrance exam required...

Diverse course

Brooklyn Latin HS's growing reputation as a classical international baccalaureate school since its founding in 2006 has made it more difficult for neighborhood students to gain admission. The school is now using the PROSE program to try to reverse...

PROSE successes on display for potential participants

The success stories of city PROSE schools were featured at an open house at UFT headquarters on May 24 that drew a crowd of citywide school teams hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Maximizing the benefits of a 6–12 school with PROSE

Teachers at Lyons Community School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn maximize the benefits of their 6-12 school with PROSE.

Mulgrew visits Lyons Community School, the Green School and Brooklyn Latin School

UFT President Michael Mulgrew and AFT president Randi Weingarten held a breakfast meeting with teachers and other staff at co-located Lyons Community School, the Green School: An Academy for Environmental Careers and Brooklyn Latin School in Williamsburg on Sept. 22 to discuss the PROSE program and other topics.

City adds 64 new PROSE schools

The UFT and the DOE announced that 64 new schools will join the Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence (PROSE) in 2015. The expansion is going to more than double the total number of PROSE schools, from 62 to 126.