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School Counselors Conference

Shanker Hall at UFT headquarters was packed on March 11 for the 19th annual School Counselors Conference — the first fully in-person conference the chapter has held since school buildings closed during the pandemic — and members relished the...

School Counselors Conference 2023

Hundreds of school counselors gathered at UFT headquarters on March 11 for their chapter’s 19th annual conference. Excited to be gathered fully in-person, they heard from UFT representatives and speakers in their field, had warm reunions and networked with colleagues.

School Counselors Conference

As students returned this year to full-time, in-person learning, school counselors have helped them deal with the toll of two years of trauma. Counselors discussed their work and learned new strategies on March 12 at their 18th annual conference.

Madeline Velez, school counselor

Madeline Velez-Vazquez, a bilingual school counselor at PS 58 in the Bronx, says school counselors are needed “now more than ever to help students succeed.” She says, "I’m seeing both extremes: children who are more hypervigilant about the pandemic...

Helping students with trauma

The pandemic has been traumatic for everyone. That’s why the UFT successfully advocated for more social workers in schools and social-emotional screenings for all students at the end of October. Here are some other tips to achieve a compassionate...

Advisory powers

When middle school buildings reopened in March, the staff at IS 238/the Susan B. Anthony Academy in Hollis, Queens, wanted to make sure students were OK — not just academically, but emotionally, too.

Immediate support

Since Franklin D. Roosevelt HS in Brooklyn reopened in March for in-person learning, school counselors have been stationed in the lobby so they are more visible to students.